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                                 WELLNESS HAPPENS WITHIN


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I am booking appointments for all of my services now! My office is at Stellar Skin and Laser, a beautiful new med spa in Tempe, AZ. The address is 1840 E Warner #135, on the Northeast corner of McClintock & Warner. To view all of the excellent services offered at Stellar, go to: Stellarskinandlaser.com 

Call me at 480-694-4597 to book your session  today!

Phone: 480.694.4597
Email: taylorgrace76@gmail.com


What I Do

Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Taylor Grace and I want to shed some light on things... :)  I call myself a "light-shedder"- One who helps illuminate; situations, emotions, gifts/talents, resolution, inspiration, hidden solutions and different paradigms.

Wellness of Body, Mind & Spirit is my goal... My goal in my personal life and in my professional life. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Intuitive Reader and Hypnotherapist. Throughout my life I have been searching for the source of my very being. I explored far and near, in schools, churches, books, movies, music, seminars, webinars, healing events, Doctors, Teachers... And I found the most clarity by focusing within my Self.

Perhaps you are searching for something that seems just out of your reach, beyond your perception. What if it is all right here, in this focused moment, right now... within your Self?

Exploring Within is my business of Self Realization, Self Growth and Self Empowerment.  We all are looking for answers. Many of those answers can be found within our own psyches. I can assist you by shedding some light for you in finding what you are seeking... here are my skills:

***Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery

***Intuitive Guidance Card (Tarot) Readings

***Reflexology/Hot Stone Release

***Toe Reading/Soul to Sole Speak

***Reiki Energy Healing (American and Japanese)

***Spiritual Life Coaching

***Cranial Unwinding

***Sacred Ceremonies


Miracles happen everyday. 

What miracles are within YOU?


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