I want to use this blog space more often. I am deciding today to start a daily entry. :-D Maybe these posts in the beginning will seem systematic/dis-jointed/random, but that's part of blogging, right?! Getting in a conversation with my would-be readers and hope I made it at least mildly entertaining for them! How am I doing so far?  ;-)

I've got so much in my head that we could talk about! Well, I guess it is more me doing all the talking. but I'll keep it real, you know... Maybe, once I get myself rolling with this blog, I could expand into another medium, like radio! But for now I'm blogging. Babbling... Bab-blog-ing? Whatever the creation and evolution of this will be, I'm all in!

This will be a new adventure for me... like automatic writing to just get in the rhythm of typing my thought flow... I don't want this space to turn soap-boxy, though. I guess I'll need regular readers to give me feedback. hmmm... I want to acknowledge that this thought-flow style to this has a ton of healing properties that I'm already noticing. And I'll type faster, too!

I am looking forward to doing this everyday!