Today! Yes, today is day 2 of my daily Blogging... Daily Babbling! Today is Superbowl Sunday! I'm not much of a football fan... You know, I'm watching for the commercials! I can certainly acknowledge the athletic ability of each player as awesome! It's just not something that I can sit in the energy of for long... I allow my thoughts to just float in and out, bringing up whatever subject, re-creating myself everyday, with each entry, with the healing nature of this blog. My attention span has evolved... "It's not what it used to be" was the way I would have said it in the past. But I'm not in the past. I am here and now.

Now my attention is focussed on how I can quiet the "monkey-mind" chatter. For me to be truly present in this blog feels kind of intimidating. But in this moment, I AM here. I AM listening. I ground myself in this NOW space.

And my now space is client time, so I'll be back tomorrow!
Much love!