Hello and good morning!

Blogging has not been an easy habit for me to form! I wonder about putting my insecurities out there for everyone to see... Maybe some will laugh at my silliness! Maybe some will be disinterested and stop reading now... Maybe some will witness me grow in my ever-evolving-Spiritual-Light-ness.  This is sort of a diary space for me, from me, to me... and, of course ALL ABOUT ME!!! So here we go:

On January 4th a friend/mentor/collegue of mine (KC Miller) posted an invitation to learn Reiki in Kyoto, Japan this April! OMG OMG OMG!!! I was floored at seeing the invitation! For a number of reasons, really... but most of all because I told the Universe about 2 years ago: "Wow, it would be amazing if KC invited some of us to Japan with her!" and HERE I WAS READING THIS BEAUTIFUL INVITATION!!!  The idea of studying Reiki in Japan... on Mt. Kurama, where Master Usui was Blessed with the gift of this Healing Art!!! WOW! 2012 has already proven that this is the year of Manifestation! I messaged KC: "YES! I will get everything together and I will go to Japan in April!"

Since I sent that confirmation, I have been dreaming (day and night) about this opportunity. I am so focussed on achieving this, earning the funds for it all and telling everyone about my quest! I posted an event on my FB page telling about my endeavors and goals. I'm raising funds by providing my services, Teaching Tarot, Toe Coaching and Reiki classes at Guru Momma Yoga Studio in Tempe and taking donations. I am at 16% earned thus far! I put my down payment in to reserve my space in the Reiki class in Japan!!! I have been so Blessed with much Love and support by many friends, family and collegues!

Thank you for reading this! I will keep this blog updated as I get closer to this next step on my Path!

~Love, Light & Laughter~
Rev. Taylor Grace