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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy 
Hypnotherapy is a powerful process of finding answers, solutions and ideas within your own subconscious mind.  It is a safe and effective tool used to "reprogram" the subconscious mind to evoke positive changes and bring awareness to things about yourself that you may have questions about.  Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is specifically geared to allow you to reach beyond the ego, or personality, deeper into your being.




Reiki is sacred, peaceful Universal Healing Touch Energy work for the body, mind and spirit. It is a very relaxing,  meditative process that can increase energy flow in your body, heal physical, mental and emotional traumas and bring balance to the Chakra (Energy)  System.  Reiki can free your soul. Offering both American and Japanese techniques, Reiki can be given to people, animals, plants, food, water, situations or anything to which you want to send peaceful energy.




Spiritual Life Coaching 
Life Coaching is a sacred conversation with purpose, positive intent and inner reflection.  These powerful conversations can lead you to personal transformation.  Awareness takes the power out of fear, anger, depression and any other unwanted emotions. This personal Awareness also frees your heart and puts power into finding and creating your dreams.



Intuitive Guidance Card Reading

Guidance Cards/Tarot Cards can be used to gain insight around specific situations in your life path, mind/body/spirit. The Intuition involved in the card reading depends upon your openness or receptivity to the messages as together we translate them to suit your situation.


Toe Reading/ Soul to Sole Speak
Toes tell of the path that your soul (sole) has walked and how issues have been handled in life.  Procrastination?  Co-dependency?  Daydreaming?  Trust Issues?  Toes tell the little secrets that we hide... even from ourselves!  In looking at the feet, there is healing space to be realized. There are also amazing Gifts recorded in the toes! Intuition! Integrity! BIG Dreams!



Reflexology is a technique of seeing holograms of the body in the feet, hands and ears then manipulating (massaging) the different reflex points to welcome healing. The overall goal in Reflexology is homeostasis; to create balance of body, mind and spirit. Reflexology has been done by many ancient cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. Hot Stone Reflexology is an amazing treat for you!  




As an Ordained Minister I now offer:

***Blessings (Baby, home)


***Commitment Ceremonies


***Prayer Therapy



Phone: 480.694.4597
Email: taylorgrace76@gmail.com


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