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    Thank you for my sessions with you. I feel amazing and I am ready to face the world again. You have an amazing gift of touching me right where I needed it.
~P. Leeper~

Taylor Grace is a gifted healer. I had a tarot card reading done by her last Friday and it was right on! What I appreciated most about Taylor was her genuine care for my concerns. She listened intently and with an open heart. I highly recommend Taylor Grace for your own personal healing!
~C. Turpin~

Such a beautiful spirit, Taylor brings an enthusiastic attitude to all that defines her. She is a magnificent human being, a great life coach, reiki master, and I am honored to have her among my friends. She has the most honest, heart centered attitude about life and a great sense of self.

~E. Michie~ 

 Taylor is one of the most 'REAL' people I have met...REAL meaning: R.eally E.nthusiastic A.t-All L.evels! Taylor doesn't put on any other face than her own. She knows who she is and doesn't try to be anything other than her true self. She is a Spirit-directed healer that feels deeply... her own pain, as well as other people's pain and fully embraces the opportunity for healing. I am definitely a 'fan' of Taylor Grace.

~K. Miller~

Taylor Grace is a scholar of wellness knowledge and connection with others. She brings her knowledge for natural healing to all who are searching for it. She brings a unique confidence that holds no judgement of others, and looks at people for the spirit they are, not the shell we see. With Taylor's enthusiasm for her work her clients often are raised to a higher energy as well.

~A. Mullins~

Phone: 480.694.4597
Email: taylorgrace76@gmail.com


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