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Feb 7, 2014

February 7, 2014
Hello again, blog :)

It's boggling my mind why this blog is so difficult for me to write in. Like I stated before, this is similar to automatic writing for me. So write, Taylor! This process of getting out of my monkey-mind is quite ridiculous.

grrrrr... maybe tomorrow

Feb 3, 2014

February 4, 2014
I almost skipped blogging today... but here I am doing it now! Yesterday I said I'm not interested in the Superbowl, but I watched the WHOLE THING! Lol! The game was very surprising, to say the least!

Today I got to meet with a new friend and get to know each other. Both of us have Multiple Sclerosis. She was diagnosed last year, and I was diagnosed in 1995! So there were many things to be said! I appreciated her candid responses. :) Maybe I will write a book on my experiences and observation...
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Feb 2, 2014!

February 2, 2014
Today! Yes, today is day 2 of my daily Blogging... Daily Babbling! Today is Superbowl Sunday! I'm not much of a football fan... You know, I'm watching for the commercials! I can certainly acknowledge the athletic ability of each player as awesome! It's just not something that I can sit in the energy of for long... I allow my thoughts to just float in and out, bringing up whatever subject, re-creating myself everyday, with each entry, with the healing nature of this blog. My attention span has...
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Feb 1, 2014 :)

February 1, 2014
I want to use this blog space more often. I am deciding today to start a daily entry. :-D Maybe these posts in the beginning will seem systematic/dis-jointed/random, but that's part of blogging, right?! Getting in a conversation with my would-be readers and hope I made it at least mildly entertaining for them! How am I doing so far?  ;-)

I've got so much in my head that we could talk about! Well, I guess it is more me doing all the talking. but I'll keep it real, you know... Maybe, once I get ...
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Blogging? Good idea!

October 10, 2013

=) All I can do is smile at myself and take the next step. Obviously, this blog hasn't turned out to be updated in a daily, weekly or even monthly frequency. So here I am, attempting to post another update... in OCTOBER of 2013! Hahaha!

So many things have happened since those first two blog entries:
~I went to Japan March 30, 2012 to April 8th, 2012... such a Blessed array of experiences I had there! (see pics from Japan on my Facebook page). I plan to return someday!
~I moved to Sedona, AZ...
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January 25, 2012
Hello and good morning!

Blogging has not been an easy habit for me to form! I wonder about putting my insecurities out there for everyone to see... Maybe some will laugh at my silliness! Maybe some will be disinterested and stop reading now... Maybe some will witness me grow in my ever-evolving-Spiritual-Light-ness.  This is sort of a diary space for me, from me, to me... and, of course ALL ABOUT ME!!! So here we go:

On January 4th a friend/mentor/collegue of mine (KC Miller) posted an invitati...
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January 20, 2012
Oh my GOoDness!

I have been writting this blog in my head for most of my life... of course about half of that was before the internet, email, Smartphones or blogging!  This is just a short entry to start my new habit. As talking outloud to myself has been a pretty consistant trait in my life, I intend to type it all up in here so you all can enjoy my silly psycho-babble as much as I do!

More to come tomorrow-ish!
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The Tori Tunnel Shrine in Kyoto Japan 

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